• Spencer Thury

Restoration Institute Updates for August 2019

On Sunday evening august 25th, at the request of a local ministerial association, numerous sites were set up across Oskaloosa for prayer. The ministers association asked me to lead a prayer group at William Penn University (WPU). 13 of us met and had a wonderful time of heart led prayer together. Present were student ministry leaders, faculty members, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes director, retired farmers and local concerned parents whose daughter will be attending WPU soon. Prayer events like this are priceless to maintain partnerships and communication between the local university, churches, para church ministries, and concerned parents.

Iowa’s oldest community celebration is called Old Settlers. Town Churches come together in unity for a special service and asked our band to speak and lead the worship service that morning. Six of us made the 80 mile trip. The ministry, people, and food, were all excellent. The group consisted of a retired professor, a few men who are getting back to fulltime work, and two high school students, (Senior and a Freshman). I have long valued these quick one-day missions for team and individual gift development. We served the city and churches of Salem, Iowa, while developing our team for further ministry for years to come.

Gerrit Messamaker continues to be a staple in our automotive ministry and a leader at our recovery meetings. Gerrit recently had major back surgery and should not lift ANYTHING, but he still comes out and coaches me through projects. Together we keep rescuing vehicles from being crushed which are now driven by needy people getting to and from work and school. Words cannot express what this ministry means to those who now worry much less about the need to get around. The 79 Jeep CJ7 pictured had its head rebuilt to be sold to support the ministry here and will be used to attract people to a ministry location in back roads of Minnesota.

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